Money management gets to be EASY!

No more frustration and stress!

No more forcing yourself to use boring or confusing money systems that don't make sense to you. You get to make your OWN system that actually feels intuitive!!!
Sounds Amazing, I'm ready to simplify my money!

What you really need from a 'money program'...

Cookie cutter budgets, complicated spreadsheets, and Gurus plans, oh my!

They just never seem to fit YOUR lifestyle and values, or the way your brain works.


What you need is to learn how to heal your relationship with money create a money plan that actually works the way YOU need it to...

Make Peace with Money

Money is just a tool! When you make peace with money, you learn how to implement that tool in the most powerful, efficient way for YOU, so that you can make massive moves in your money without having to feel shame or guilt around them! 

Trust Yourself with Financial Decisions

When your cash flow plan feels good, and your money system feels EXCITING, it's way easier to trust your money, and yourself, so that you can make decisions quickly and confidently.

Find Financial Fulfillment

Fulfillment is not a lofty far-off goal, it's the feeling that happens along the way! You get to feel AMAZING about your money journey at every stage! And when you feel fulfilled with your financial situation, the entire process feels light, easy, and fun!

Simplify and LOVE your Money System with...

Intuitive Money Mastery is a self-paced course that combines the best of intuition and money mindset with proven financial strategy to show you how to find true financial fulfillment. You will better understand your mindset around money, create a cash flow plan that feels good to you, and a have system to stay on track that is actually sustainable!

The knowledge, guidance, resources, and tools give you a safe space to learn as you improve your relationship with money and develop YOUR ideal money strategy.

I Need This!

What is Intuitive Money Management?

This framework aims to teach people how to manage their money based on their OWN intuition, not based on what some Guru says they should do. Everyone's situation is unique and this money framework takes that into account.

This is a core component of the course material inside the program!

Intuitive Money Mastery is for you...

...If you...

  • need to get a handle on your money so that you can reach your financial goals faster!


  • are¬†ready to manage your money in a way that actually feels good!


  • are ready to trust yourself with money and truly enjoy¬†the journey along the way!

...EVEN if you...

  • tried other budgeting systems.¬†We'll show you how to create your OWN system that works for YOU!


  • have a turbulent relationship with money. You'll learn to make peace with money for years to come!


  • feel¬†guilt and shame around your money. This is a judgment free zone! We're all on our own journey!
This is definitely for me!

What's included in the program?

YES! Let me in!



Nichole has this incredible power for aligning your money mindset with your strategy. This new way of relating to money and approaching my budget has forever changed the way I feel about money!


This has been a transformative experience. This program not only equips you with practical financial management skills but delves deep into the emotional and interpersonal aspects of money. Nichole's guidance on how to communicate with your partner about finances was invaluable.


Life has thrown curve balls my way. Having this safe space to share and get support, and the resources to come back to, has been incredibly helpful. I've been able to find my own way financially for the first time in a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intuitive Money Mastery


The price goes up to $77 on April 1st!

  • Intuitive Money Mindset Course
  • Foundational¬†Money Strategy Course
  • Library of Resources
  • Training Vault
  • **LIFETIME Access!!!

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