Hi, I'm Nichole Weaver

I'm not your average Financial Coach.

I'm an Army Wife, a Mom to a 2 year old girl and a 3 year old Black Lab, a Registered Nurse, and an Intuitive Financial Coach. 

My passion is to see women step into their power in EVERY role in their lives. Be that a business owner, career professional, wife, or mama.  It's all about breaking stigmas, challenging the status quo, and implementing simple intuitive strategies to learn to LOVE your life.  You get to raise a family, pursue your dreams, and leave a legacy of wealth without losing yourself in the process.

My journey to Financial Coaching started with our OWN journey paying off $85,000 in debt. We did ALL the "stupid" things.  Financed multiple cars and even an RV, used a credit card we "paid off every month" (haha yeah right), plus we used it for the VERY important couch we "NEEDED", and of course, student loans.

Honestly... none of that really makes us stupid.  It just makes us normal.

Then one day we realized that "normal" meant we were BROKE.

We set out on a journey to discover how to get out of the debt hole, build wealth, set our family up financially, AND actually enjoy our lives along the way!

When the Coronavirus Pandemic shut down our economy in April 2020, I began to see the massive financial impact in the world around me.

I knew that the things I had learned on OUR journey were the EXACT things I am now privileged to share with my clients.

It brings me SO much joy to see women and couples learning to trust themselves and each other with money!  They're breaking down old money stories, developing intuitive money habits, paying off debt, enjoying their lives, and setting their families up to build massive wealth for massive impact!

I wouldn't have it any other way!

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