What is Intuitive Financial Coaching?

Intuitive Financial Coaching is all about showing you how to create money systems that work for you.

Nichole focuses on combining the best of intuition and mindset with powerful strategy and prioritized planning to help you create financial fulfillment for generations to come.

Nichole believes that everyone's money story is different and manifests differently in their lives.  It's important that each individual knows how to make peace with money in their own way. Everyone gets to learn to trust themselves with money decisions, as opposed to leaning on checklists from the money gurus. And each person gets to define their own version of financial fulfillment.

Primarily, Nichole works in a group setting in her Intuitive Money Mastery program - where you get access to her core mindset and strategy foundations, plus monthly coaching, budget co-working sessions, training, community, accountability, and more!

If you'd prefer a more 1:1 approach, Nichole offers a variety of levels of coaching and support. 

Click the link below to book a discovery call to determine what the best fit is for you!

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