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Mini Cash Flow Audit

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You have worked hard to create an amazing income and lifestyle for your family. And when you really look at the ins and outs of your money, your values, your goals, and the dreams you desire, things just aren’t adding up.

It's time to get more intentional with your cash flow!

With this Mini Cash Flow Audit, we will review the details of your current cash flow situation:

  • How much is coming in
  • How much needs to go out
  • How much debt you have to pay
  • What your goals are

And I will help you come up with the best next steps to help you move in the right direction. 

This could include:

  • Recommendations for changes and/or adjustments to your cash flow plan
  • Specific suggestions for a debt payoff strategy
  • Next steps to move towards your highest priority goal
  • How to optimize your money management system to make it make sense to your brain
  • ...and more!

Here’s what happens next!

  • Once you've paid, you'll get a link to complete an onboarding survey. 
  • When you complete that survey, like ✨MAGIC✨, a personalized dashboard will be created for our time together!  
    • That dashboard is where you'll find details of how to complete your pre-work and schedule your call, IF you've requested to include one!
    • You'll also be able to send me messages anytime on that Dashboard!
  • You'll complete your pre-work, then within 5 business days, I will complete the Audit and share your suggestions and to-do's via your Dashboard. 
    • If needed, I will also create any tutorials and guides during that time and link them in your Dashboard
  • You will schedule a 1-hour call for at least 7 days from payment date, and at least 5 business days from when you complete your Cash Flow Audit
    • We will review everything I've come up with and you'll have a chance to ask any questions or get clarification.

For the next 14 days, you can ask questions via the Dashboard as you begin implementation, so that you can keep up that momentum.